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Reverse and park with safety 


Reversing sensors are an essential accessory to any car, ute, 4WD or commercial vehicle. Alerting the driver to objects behind the vehicle and accurately indicating the distance - actively enhancing safety while making it easier to park. 

The SmartSense range of front and rear parking sensors have been engineered using the latest in ultra-sonic object-detection technology to ensure fast, accurate & reliable performance in any weather condition.

Enjoy complete peace of mind in all slow-driving manoeuvres with the SmartSense range of front and rear parking sensors.


Have your fleet's parking sensors installed by us and get:


  • A mobile fitting service in all major cities.
  • Professional, seamless installation with a ‘factory fitted’ look
  • A lifetime installation guarantee and extended product warranty
  • Optional colour-coded paint-finish to perfectly match your car’s finish
  • Service and support when you need it
  • Over 12 years experience in vehice technology installations


Professional colour-matching service


We’ll ensure the parking sensors blend in perfectly with the vehicle's colour.

For just $40, the sensor heads will be professionally colour-matched according to the vehicle manufacturer's specific colour formula for that factory-fitted appearance.