Add real profit to every mobile phone sale

Help your phone customers stay safe and legal behind the wheel

Profit margins for phone retailers are slim, but the booming use of smartphones in cars gives you an opportunity to restore profitability to your business.

Drivers have always relied on their phones to stay in touch but now navigation, music playback, traffic alerts and other features are becoming standard. The only way to do all this legally and safely is with a hands-free car kit securely mounted in the car, and a professionally installed system guarantees the customer gets all the benefits of going hands-free.

How we help you boost your bottom line

We provide a range of options for retail and online store owners that want to increase profitability while meeting their customers’ needs. Here are some of the ways we can work with you:

  • Supply of product for reselling in-store or online (installation by us can be included)
  • Referral-based system (you hold no stock, we do the work)
  • Customised solutions to meet your specific requirements (call us to discuss!)

Installed car kits vs Bluetooth earpieces and ‘off-the-shelf’ car kits

Commonly-stocked hands-free solutions only deal with part of the problem, and none meet all the legal requirements and customer needs:

  • It’s illegal to handle a phone while driving in most states – just dialling a number can result in a $300 fine and loss of four demerit points. A fixed mounting is the only legal way to do this.
  • Drivers are using their phones for music and driving apps in their car; a fixed mounting is the only legal way to do this.
  • Navigation and other driving apps consume huge amounts of power; a mounting cradle that charges the phone is a must.
  • Off-the-shelf systems result in messy wires; a professional installation hides all cables and does not require any holes to be drilled, keeping the car’s interior intact.

Market-leading products

We supply and install the leading brands of Bluetooth hands free car kits, cradles and accessories to ensure reliability and compatibility with all phone and car brands. From the world’s #1 brand Parrot to innovative products from Novero, we’ve got the ideal solution for your customers.

Fully guaranteed and fully insured

There’s no risk to you or your business, as we handle all product and installation guarantees and servicing, and we’re fully insured for any unforeseeable circumstances. Our complete guarantee gives you and your customers complete peace of mind with:

  • Lifetime Installation Guarantee
  • Extended Product Warranty
  • No Holes Installation Guarantee

Find out more

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