Mobileye - 6 Series - Advanced Driver Assistance System.


Mobileye is your "third eye" on the road - your driving partner that never gets distracted or tired.

Continuously scanning the road, recognising and monitoring other vehicles, motorbikes, bicycles and pedestrians. Mobileye also detects structures, lane markings and road edges to interpret road scenes in real-time and alert the driver to potential collisions up to 2.5 seconds ahead. Allowing more time to react.

Proven to assist in combating distraction and prevent accidents, Mobileye's continuous in-vehicle training encourages better driving habits and with ongoing use changes behaviour to produces a safer, lower-risk driving environment. 

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 "Driver distraction accounts for 93% of accidents, with a 3-second-lack-of-concentration the cause in 80% of cases" -  Virginia Transportation Research Council, USA 


The Technology


Since 1999 Mobileye has pioneered and led the way in Artificial Vision technologies, now supplying over 90% of the world's car manufacturer's with their OEM factory-fitted safety features. 

Using a single, forward-facing camera together with their EyeQ system-on-chip to accurately distinguish and track critical road objects. Their patented programmable ASIC cores and ultra-smart algorithms allow Mobileye to interpret road scenes in real-time and provide critical feedback to the driver.

The Mobileye 6 series brings this multi award-winning technology to the aftermarket with a retro-fit kit that can be installed into any vehicle. 



Mobileye OEM Brand Logos

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Mobileye's technology is now factory-fitted in over 250 car models from 20 manufacturers. Publicly listed on the Nasdaq, Mobileye are the leaders in ADAS and Autonomous Driving technology


Product Features


Headway Monitoring

Mobileye calculates the distance in seconds between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you and informs you when you get too close, preventing tailgating and reducing the risk of collision. 

Mobileye headway monitoring


Forward Collision Warning

Mobileye detects all types of vehicles on the road and will alert the driver of a potential rear-end collision up to 2.5 seconds ahead. 
 Mobileye collision warning


Pedestrian Collision Warning

Mobileye can detect and distinguish pedestrians and cyclists and interpret road scenes in real-time to alert the driver of potential collsions up to 2 seconds ahead.
 Mobileye pedestrian collision warning


Lane Departure Warning

Mobileye detects lane markings on the road and alerts the driver when they unintentionally veer out of their lane, reducing the risk of a forward collision.

 Mobileye lane departure warning


Speed Limit Indication & Warning


The system can detect and read traffic signs and provides you with the actual speed limit stated on the road, making sure you are always aware of the current speed (*does not distinguish time-of-day in school zones)  

 Mobileye speed limit warning



Options & Add-ons

Early Brake Warning

When the system detects a potential collision and issues a Forward Collision Warning it can also activate your brake lights before you've applied the brakes - allowing the vehicle behind extra warning and preventing a rear-ender.


Intelligent High Beam Control

The system can automatically turn on/off the vehicle's high-beams depending on the level of light and relative distance from other traffic.


Haptic Feedback

Provides a vibration sensation for Mobileye alerts in the steering column or under the seat. Well suited for public transport or any other vehicle that needs to consider the noise factor from alerts in the vehicle.


Telematics & Data Logging

Mobileye can be integrated into almost any Telematics or GPS tracking system to deliver realtime-over-the-air reporting of Mobileye events and warnings. This allows Fleet Managers to make better and more informed decisions about driver behaviour and assist in coaching or training prgrams.


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Benefits of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)


Helps avoid collisions

While seat belts, airbags and crumple-zones attempt to minimise harm or reduce the severity of an accident, ADAS aims to prevent the collision from occuring in the first place. The system will provide critical alerts up to 2.5 seconds "ahead of time" and allow the driver more time to react. 


Combats driver distraction

With mobile phones, GPS devices, the stereo or the iPod, passengers, other road users or even outdoor advertising, drivers are continously distracted and can take their eyes off the road for up to 3 seconds at a time. 


Improves driving skills

Acting like a silent instructor, Mobileye continuously reinforces safe-driving practices such as correct following distances, speed limits and lane control. And, with ongoing use, it has been proven to change behavioural patterns, resulting in a safer, more diligent driver.

Makes you feel secure

Driver Assistance Systems can reduce the risk of having a collision by up to 50%. Knowing that Mobileye could halve the chances of an accident is a very reassuring feeling and provides complete peace-of-mind for all drivers, parents and fleet managers. 

Reduces vehicle associated costs

The obvious financial benefits are reduced repair bills due to fewer or no accidents. But it's the on-costs like rental vehicles, downtime, loss of income or productivity where it all starts to add up. There is also a possibility of insurance companies offering reduced premiums for drivers with ADAS installed. The "less-aggressive" driving style has also been documented to shows up to 7% reduction in fuel use.

The Cause of Accidents


1.5 seconds early warning can prevent 90% of rear end collisions.

2 seconds warning can prevent almost all crashes

The effects of early warning

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In the media

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