1) Extended Warranty

We provide an extended warranty on many products sold and installed by us. If the manufacturer’s warranty is only one year, we will extend it to two years. If it’s two, we’ll give you three. (Varies between products and not available on every product)


2) Lifetime Installation Guarantee

We provide you with the reassuring guarantee that any problems due to faulty installation by us will be fixed by us free of charge during the life of the product.

How can we make such a bold guarantee? We have the largest and best installation team in the business and we do all our own repairs. That gives us the confidence to say we’ll look after you, for life.

Please note this guarantee only applies to products installed by us. If the product is moved to another vehicle or damaged by a third party, this guarantee will no longer apply.


3) Customer Service Guarantee

  • We guarantee that you will be treated professionally and courteously from your first phone call to the completion of your installation.
  • We guarantee to be on time for all appointments. If the unavoidable happens we will call you to explain the situation, advise how late we will be or worst case, reschedule our appointment. Your time is important and we promise not to waste it.
  • We guarantee to provide you with the most up-to-date information about products and technology relevant to your needs so you can make educated and informed decisions to provide you with the best options available.
  • We guarantee that our products and services will be explained to you in a manner that you will understand, free from technical jargon and hype.
  • We guarantee 100% satisfaction with all our work. If you are unsatisfied with any part of your installation or any of the services we offer just call us and we’ll make sure your problem is handled to your complete satisfaction.