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  • National Transportation Safety Board Calls For Immediate Action On Collision Avoidance Systems for New Vehicles

    In a special report released last week, the National Transport Safety Board drew attention to the life-saving benefits of currently-available collision avoidance technology and is urging the US Govt and Auto Manufacturers to strongly consider making such safety systems standard on all new passenger and commercial vehicles.

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  • Reversing Safety - an Infographic

    Tragically, one child a week is run over in their own driveway in Australia. These accidents are often avoidable, so we've put together an infographic to highlight the risks and offer some tips to help prevent driveway disaster.


    Click on the image below to view it at full size. Please feel free to share the infographic to help raise awareness of the issue and how to reduce the risk.


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  • Update your ride with 2014's best in-car safety technology

    Today's high-tech vehicles from leading makers like Volvo, Honda and BMW are bristling with advanced safety technology proven to prevent accidents and save lives.


    But if upgrading to a luxury 2014 model is not an option right now, we've got the next best thing. Cutting-edge safety technology, as used by these and other major vehicle brands, that can be fitted to any vehicle by our professional installers.


    We're talking Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, Reversing Cameras, Hands-Free Systems and 'Black Box' Dashboard Cameras.

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  • 5 Tips For Selling Fleet Safety To Your Drivers

    Improving the safety of your fleet is a no-brainer from a business perspective - it protects your drivers from harm and saves the company big-time in terms of reduced insurance costs, less downtime, lower fuel and maintenance costs....but you already know all that.


    The big question is how to sell that message to your drivers - the ones who already believe they are the safest drivers on the road and bulletproof.


    Here we provide five simple-to-implement tips to help you get that message across.

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  • How 'Jolly Roger' Helps Prevent Texting While Driving

    Texting at the wheel is well known as a good way to meet your maker sooner - and possibly take some innocent victims along for the ride. Young people are the biggest offenders - and as the least experienced drivers it's a lethal combination.


    Researchers at Washington State University recently conducted a study to find out what sort of messages were most effective in reducing the rates of texting behind the wheel. The results are informative not just for policymakers but also for parents - as they give us a clear direction for how we should communicate with young drivers about the issue.

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  • 'Hit while parked'. Sound familiar?

    A recent analysis of over 100,000 insurance claims of company cars by UK firm Interactive Driving Systems showed that nearly a quarter (24%) were listed as 'hit while parked'. If you manage a fleet, no doubt this is a familiar term!


    In many of these cases, the drivers aren't necessarily telling the whole truth, and the study's high percentage of 'unknown third party' claims suggests that the driver may well have been the one doing the damage.


    Either way, it's costing you big time, in extra insurance costs, vehicle down time and extra administration. So how can this figure be reduced?

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  • Reversing Cameras Get Thumbs Up

    New research from the US Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has shown that reversing cameras are the best technology for reducing the risk of driveway reversing accidents.


    In Australia a child is run over in a reversing accident every week on average. Most accidents occur in the home driveway, but shopping centres and around schools are also danger zones.


    While it's essential to prevent child access to driveways and to always check around vehicles before reversing, it's not always possible to ensure 100% safety. And given that all vehicles have a large blind zone at the rear where a small child becomes invisible, technology like reversing cameras can provide a real safety boost.

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  • How to introduce GPS tracking to your employees

    So you've made the decision to implement a GPS tracking system for your fleet. What comes next is just as important as making that choice in the first place. Without employee buy-in, you could end up with poor morale, increased staff turnover and less-than-stellar outcomes.


    In this article we take a look at best practices for introducing a GPS tracking system to your employees and drivers, with tips on timing, communication styles and some do's & don'ts.

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  • Win a Crash Cam 'Black Box' Recorder

    This competition is now closed...thanks to everyone who entered!!


    Dashboard cameras are 'black box' recorders for the car - protecting your reputation and legal rights on the road by proving what happened in the event of an incident.


    We're giving away one of the best - a Navig8r Crash Cam Pro, and winning it couldn't be easier!


    To enter, head to our Facebook page (or scroll to the bottom of this page), and add a one-word comment saying how you'd feel if you won. That's it!


    We'll choose a winner at random on Wednesday April 16 and announce it on our Facebook page. Full terms and conditions are at the bottom of this page.

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  • Phone use hits top 5 for driver fatalities

    We've all seen it - a driver yapping on the phone, oblivious to what's going on around them. Now it's official - using a phone while driving now kills more drivers in NSW than driving without a seatbelt, according to the NSW Centre for Road Safety. It joins speeding, drink driving and fatigue on the top 5 list of fatal accident causes.


    The rapid uptake of smartphones and their increasing importance in our day-to-day lives is a big factor in this change. It seems we're so addicted to them we can't keep our hands off them behind the wheel despite the hefty fines and potential loss of license.

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